The "Venice on the river", Mantova, stretches out itself like a peninsula on the right bank of the Mincio river, which opens to shape three lakes that are delimited by access bridges to the city.

Jewel of the Gonzagas, Mantova is very striking at sunset. The access to the city through Bridge S. Giorgio lets us have a taste of the enchanting beauty of its historic town centre.
The size of the S. Giorgio castle welcomes us. Built by will of Francesco I Gonzaga, the castle is recognizable for its four towers that rise high above.

Entering the square, connected to the castle, we can admire the Ducal Palace, the labyrinthine Gonzaga residence that from mid XIV century political and cultural life of Mantova took place. Few cities have had a such close relationship with their governors. On one side of the square there is the cathedral, built in the XXXI century. Once you have left the square, you are in the old town centre and one can admire the bishop building.
In Piazza delle Erbe, heart of the city centre, there is the Palazzo della Ragione, a splendid clock tower and the Rotonda of S. Lorenzo. A church that surpasses the majesty and beauty of the cathedral.

Right out of the city we have the palazzo Te. The suburban villa of Federico II Gonzaga. The frescoes of the inside rooms are valuable, and are all from the the middle of the XVI century. A wide exedra on the outside warmly houses the gardens that are now public parks.
For those who love bicycles, Mantova can be seen very well on two wheels. From here, in fact, many cycling paths begin immersed in nature and that even coast the Mincio river.

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